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    I do the books for two nonprofits.  One used PayChex until Jan 2018 when they switched to QuickBooks Payroll so I could prepare payroll for them in house.  Their payroll fee costs decreased significantly - over 50% decrease.  Of course, they have less ...

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    We have been using Paychex for the past 3 years and it works well for us.?? We don't use it as a time tracker but do track PTO with their system.?? I have found it easy to use and their support has been great.?? Make sure you ask for a nonprofit ...

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    We use The Paystub People. They're based in Raleigh and have been great for several years now; I've not had a problem getting any reports I need and they are extremely responsive. They have HR add-ons, too. www.paystubpeople.com -- Have a blessed ...

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