Ms. Jami Yazdani

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I understand the challenge of trying to juggle special projects while still focusing on your core responsibilities. Rather than offering complex, expensive, one-size-fits-all approaches to project management, I'm able to quickly assess your specific needs, customize efficient solutions that match your team and environment, and help you meet your goals!

I offer customized, efficient project strategies that match your team and environment, including:
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Management of projects from launch, through development of scope, timeline and budget, to successful and timely delivery of project outcomes.
PROJECT SUPPORT: Support and strategies for developing and managing project scopes, timelines, budgets and teams.
PROJECT FACILITATION: Facilitation of project launch or completion. Bring your project and team back on track.

I can also provide face-to-face and online training covering management topics, and solutions-focused coaching for individuals and groups.

My Bio:
Jami is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than 10 years experience managing a portfolio of diverse projects and ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality products and services.  She has extensive practical experience developing and managing project scopes, timelines and budgets, and has led and implemented process improvements.

Jami has a proven track record of leading diverse and collaborative project teams, and excels at facilitating consensus and keeping (even reluctant) teams on track.  Jami also has extensive experience designing and delivering engaging face-to-face and online training sessions.

Over more than 14 years in leadership and supervisory roles in higher education, Jami effectively built teams, managed change, and developed staff.  She led innovative projects and planning initiatives, coached and encouraged staff through successes and failures, and mastered the skills critical to surviving day-to-day as a manager and administrator. 

Jami brings practical experience, management expertise, a love of spreadsheets and a sense of humor to project management, training and coaching.